Who We Are


Our Managing Principal

Robert J. Hendriks III, APR, ALEP, is the managing principal of the Educational Legacy Planning Group, a division of e-Research & Management Inc. He has worked in both corporate and educational environments for some 30 years with hundreds of clients from around the country – consulting with top educational and corporate leaders, managing strategic planning initiatives and helping to build highly effective leadership teams to navigate complex and divisive issues that can confound leaders and constituency groups alike.

He is a member of the faculty at the Advanced Academy of Learning Spaces teaching “Master Panning & Community Engagement” to top professionals around the world who are on their way to becoming Accredited Learning Environment Professionals (ALEP). He was among the first Certified Educational Facility Planner (CEFP) in the world – a professional designation now known as Accredited Learning Environment Planner (ALEP). As a charter member of this exclusive international group, Mr. Hendriks is one of a distinct group of ALEP professionals in the United States and beyond and now serves as the chairman of the international commission that oversees the accreditation process and standards. He has lectured and conducted workshops at international, national and regional conferences on individual learning styles, brain research, leadership, urban planning and community planning initiatives. He currently serves as past president of the Association for Learning Environments (A4LE) Northeast Region and was just presented with the 2017 Distinguished Service Award by the Association for Learning Environments (A4LE). 

Mr. Hendriks worked for six years as a strategy consultant to former NYS Commissioner of Education, Dr. Richard Mills, in his efforts to close the achievement gap in the state’s urban areas.  Over the last decade, he has focused his work in New York’s urban, suburban and rural school districts, working in every corner of the state. He has served as a leadership and educational planning consultant and is leading planning and community outreach initiatives in school districts that are going through major community, leadership, program, grade configuration, enrollment and facility changes. He works with individual superintendents and Boards of Education in helping to build a team approach to governance and deal with the unique challenges of working with communities to implement complex long range strategic plans. He also is working with school districts as an executive search consultant, combining long range planning and visioning with Superintendent search initiatives.

He has trained leaders in nearly every corner of the United States and has served as a consultant and trainer with corporate CEOs, governmental agencies and international non-profit organizations in the last two decades. He also owned a chain of private schools from 1992-2003, along with owning and publishing a regional newspaper and magazine published on Long Island, NY, called The Three Village Herald and Long Island Week, both of which he sold in 2001. He received hundreds of awards for his work from organizations as diverse as the Society of Professional Journalists to the New York Press Association to the National School Public Relations Association, etc.

He majored in English and minored in journalism at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, and holds a bachelor’s degree in British Literature & Writing from SUNY. He holds an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Educational Planning from San Diego State University’s National Center for the 21st Century Schoolhouse. He has been an accredited  communication and research professional (APR) in the United States and Canada since 1990.