The Saratoga Springs Vision

Check out this great video


This community and its schools is a special place for children to grow up and thrive. They have managed to make values a central part of what they teach and, in fact, what they practice.

Westerly RI School Department

Another beautiful place with schools that need to envision the possibilities of the future. Please check out this video about a community and schools that people love.

The Pembroke Schools

Another client doing great things and telling others about it. This video was produced by the Legacy Films division of the Educational Legacy Planning Group.

South Kingstown School Department, RI

A great school department at a crossroads –  deciding what the future needs to become to serve students for decades to come.

North Colonie Central Schools

Balancing exploding enrollment and future possibilities for 21st century learning environments is the great challenge in North Colonie, NY.

Good To Great!

Bringing 6th grade to an already high achieving junior high school is at the very foundation of a plan to expand at the North Colonie Schools. Here's why.

Pine Bush Central Schools

When you are looking to embark upon a strategic planning initiative AND searching for a new superintendent, it is good to reflect on how far you have come.