What We Do


Legacy Planning Services

Working with hundreds or corporate, non-profit and educational organizations and thousands of leaders and educators throughout the country, the group specializes in the following:

  • Legacy Strategic Planning, Visioning & Master Planning: What many firms call strategic planning, we call Legacy Planning. Creating a vision for what an organization should look like in the next decade and helping to coalesce support for this vision is key to all of the company’s services. This Legacy Planning process serves as a bedrock for leadership decisions, including finding your next Superintendent of Schools, which is one of the services of the Educational Legacy Planning Group. Our process starts with tapping into a community’s aspirational vision for its children. We spend the most time engaging the wholistic community in a radically inclusive process that allows for a mosaic of voices to be heard and an aspirational vision to emerge. That vision becomes the foundation for everything moving forward – from teaching and learning to grade configuration to budgeting to school facility improvements. It becomes a touchstone for moving a school community to the next level of greatness.

  • Issues Management: Planning is often sent to the back burner in the face of critical issues that have the potential to become crises. Emerging trends and burgeoning issues can become opportunities for constituent dialogue in a meaningful planning process. Issues management is all about engagement, planning and visioning. Constituencies need to see leadership looking beyond the crisis, creating a clear plan to achieve an unalterable destination. Legacy Planning helps a district achieve this. 

  • Legacy Leadership Training & Relationship Management: Good planning begins with leadership – corporate and non-profit boards and management teams, school district Boards of Education, superintendents and District-wide leadership teams. Working with leaders and their teams to help them reach their personal and professional potential is essential to achieving the mission and establishing a true leadership pathway. Developing the key relationship between a board and its CEO is a critical service offered either in multi-day retreats or ongoing consultative relationships. 

  • Legacy Superintendent Search Services: An outgrowth of its 30 years of experience in planning is the firm’s Legacy Search Service, which combines the planning and visioning processes with the search for a new superintendent of schools. Through structured community participation, a Legacy Leadership Profile is established that helps define the leader who is best fit to shepherd a district to its defined aspirational vision.

  • Legacy Films: One of the key factors to successful planning is transparent and accessible communication. Through the production of Legacy Films, community members have a window into a process even when they are not directly involved. Legacy Films also help explain complex issues facing a District in a way that is succinct and simple.

  • Learning Environment Planning: World class school facilities planning is uncommon in many parts of the country, including the Northeast. In general, planning has been relegated to a free service that designers use to lure the client and that school districts use to pass the referendum. Rarely are world class methods used to plan and program a new or renovated school. Educational Facility Legacy Planning includes a detailed Educational Specification document that becomes the blueprint for design and construction, ensuring that your building conforms to your desired program – not the other way around.